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Shadows in the Mirror

Here I sit, awake and fearful of what surrounds me,
For the dark, the gloom can hold so much to harm,
Yet people try to claim they fear this substance,
This formless dusk that night brings is not what I fear,
For all the dark is to me is a canvas to a painter,

I do not fear the dark and things I cannot see,
But what my mind paints causes such alarm,
I try to remain calm that is my only defense,
Yet in my mind’s eye these scenes do sear,
And barely does time make them any fainter,

I am not afraid of the dark that surrounds, how could I be,
But my fear for what I paint prickles along each arm,
I fear myself, such visions in sight, how dark little prince,
As the night passes, things begin to grow quite clear,
Imaginations are quite evil, and my mind only a container.












Tentatively (90% sure) I will be going to Ottawa in November with bardicbabble to visit our precious luckykrelle! I’ve never been to Canada before. I’ve been regaled with SUCH TALES though, you guys make it sound wonderful so I’m very…

I would LOVE for you guys to visit someday! And who knows, with a bit of luck kathetia will be up here as well by then :P

i would try my damnedest to be there for that visit if not already there permanently

Please, can we have a WolvesCon?

please please yes

I’m always willing to host people at my place in Kansas City for visits! clockworkzombe and imaginationbully have stayed over before so you can ask them how my couch is ;) I’m also happy to help plan a visit elsewhere, because we really should do a WolvesCon sometime soon!

Next year especially it would be REALLY possible, since I’ll have all my vacation days again!

Wolfcon 2015

Just tell me when.

<_< I wonder where I will be next year…

The Moon’s Succor

One as lonely as the moon, full and bright,
But who can say how lonely it is for a moon to be,
With a presence that dominates the night,
She dances so far out of my own reach at such great height,
The vast distance mocks me, making it difficult to see,
One as lonely as the moon, full and bright,
Laughing with us all or weeping tears with no end in sight,
Oh moon, if you are listening answer my only plea,
With a presence that dominates the night,
Please let me know a tiny thing and ease my dreadful fright,
What do I see upon your face, sorrow or mirthful glee,
One as lonely as the moon, full and bright,
That joy and sadness resemble twins is both gift and blight,
Their similar appearance seems life’s greatest joke to me,
With a presence that dominates the night,
And now my simple request is thrust out under your light,
I offer it to you as I plead here on bended knee,
One as lonely as the moon, full and bright,
With a presence that dominates the night.


Anonymous asked:

In your latest poem you have spelled "dam" as in something that holds back water as "damn" as in "lost and damned". It's a good poem, just with poetry I think spelling is all the more important. Also forgive me if "damn" was actually your intended word, but based on the context it does not seem like it.

Haha, thank you for looking out, Anonymous! That was my bad.

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